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Health Care systems in general, as well as in The Netherlands are struggling. The pressure is high and resources are limited. Hybrid care can be a solution.

Hybrid care means that care comes to the patient, wherever it is and when it is needed. It is a combination of traditional healthcare as we know it, and digital healthcare where the patient can communicate online with healthcare providers.


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At Pharmi, we believe this is the future of sustainable care.

And we're not the only ones.

In NL, The Integrated Care Act 2022 calls for the adoption of hybrid care. NL health insurers have even stipulated in their purchasing policy for 2024 that at least 10% of patients must have embraced hybrid care by the end of that year. And in 2025 this number has to grow till 50%.

Hybrid care is not only useful, but also a dire necessity to keep our healthcare system sustainable. It helps us deliver care to everyone who needs it, even in times of high pressure.

At Pharmi we have years of experience with digital pharmaceutical care and we are ready to support the change in your pharmacy.

Together we can shape the future of healthcare, one that gives everyone the care they need, when and where they need it.

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