Pharmi kantoor

We facilitate more time for human care


Imagine: on average, there are millions of medication errors every year in a European country (WHO, 2022). Medication errors cost our society billions of euros every year. Watch here a video that the WHO made about preventing medication errors.

Our Business Promise

At Pharmi, we promise to facilitate pharmacy teams to efficiently counsel all patients with high quality and effective personalized medication management. We do this in the light of of a pharmaceutical care system under extreme pressure due to personnel shortages, medication shortages and growing elderly population of medication users.

Our Product Promise

These challenges in the market warrant care provision as well as reimbursement models to transform significantly to ensure pharmaceutical care continues to be accessible and effective leading to optimal treatment outcomes for all patients.

Our flagship product, the MedicijnWijs SaaS platform is an intuitive digital platform which is smoothly integrated in primary pharmacy processes and is transparantly and cost-effectively showing the benefits of moving to hybrid pharmaceutical care. MedicijnWijsfacilitates integration with existing Pharmacy Information Systems, information delivery to patients and caregivers, data analytics for driving insights for pharmacists, healthcare professionals and supporting novel reimbursement models. ​​​​​​​

MedicijnWijs is a cost-effective means to support pharmacies in adopting and continuing a hybrid care model.


We make - pharmaceutical - care more accessible, most effective and data driven.


Always optimal - pharmaceutical - care provision for everyone.


Core values

In a rapidly changing world, Pharmi is a company that develops innovative digital pharmaceutical care.

In that world, not all norms and standards have yet been established as a framework for innovation, development and implementation.

Pharmi uses values as decision support when regulations or guidelines have not (yet) been developed.

Thus, our core values are the beacons in a healthcare system in transition.

Our core values are:

Healthy, patient-oriented and reliable