For patient

You will receive the access code at your own pharmacy when you pick up your new medicines. Or via a code when the medication is delivered at home. Please contact your own pharmacy for this.

For an Iphone/Ipad is version iOS 11.0 recommended iOS
For an Android device is Version 5.0 necessary.

Explanation about the app can be found at settings in the app, under the heading “Hoe werkt deze app”.

Your pharmacist periodically reads your data, you will find information about this in your MedicijnWijs app.

Your data is only used to improve the MedicijnWijs app or to enhance the care provision by your pharmacist.

You can set a lock for the app at settings, under the heading "Toegang & beveiliging".

As a medicine user you receive information every day for a number of weeks.
In this way, the knowledge gets gradually more detailed and it is easy to keep up with the content.
You can always return to information from previous days.
All important medication information is always available under the info tab or you can easily use the searchbar. 

You don't have to.
But if you turn it off, you won’t receive for example, medication reminders.
However, we would advise you to turn the push notifications on in order to receive the medication reminders and new important information regarding your medication. 

If your pharmacist is set to answer questions, you can contact your pharmacy by chat or by e-mail.  
Your question will then be processed as soon as possible.

When the device from which the QR code is scanned is in 'dark mode', the QR code cannot be scanned. The contrast is not clear. By adjusting this dark mode, the QR code can be scanned. How to adjust the dark mode can be found in your phone manual. 

Below the personal QR code is a button 'start my personal guidance'. By clicking this button, MedicijnWijs starts without having to scan the QR code. 

In some situations, an enlarged font causes the 'save' button at the bottom of the screen to disappear. By reducing the font size, the button can be used again. How to adjust the font can be found in your phone manual. 

It is not (yet) possible to receive the information from the app by post or to use it via a web application. 

For pharmacist

It is possible to view the activity, condition and completed questions of your patients.
Patients give permission for this at the start of the app.
Viewing these data is intended as decision support in the treatment relationship with your patient.

Yes this is possible.
For example, information about a product recall, a push message related to extreme heat or medicine tips during the holidays.

This can be done by sending a message to the individual patient.

The look and feel of the app can be adjusted to the desired colors, which belong to the own pharmacy.
The patient's own pharmacy logo can be displayed, likewise the contact information of the pharmacy.
In consultation, the content of guidance paths can be adjusted where necessary, provided that the content of our validated medication information is not changed

In MedicijnWijs, existing medicinal information from external sources is made available and updated in real-time or periodically (depending on the source of information) in a standardized manner.
Questions and questionnaires are tailored to caregiver and patient needs.
The maintenance of the platform is carried out with a quality management process.

MedicijnWijs has been developed according to the latest standards in the field of technology safety.
Pharmi BV is ISO 27001 certified and expects to become NEN 7510 / ISO 27799 certified at the beginning of 2024.
Two-way authentication, encrypted data transfer, timely updates and security checks protect our users' data.
MedicijnWijs is regularly tested against MDR legislation and is currently not subject to MDR.

MedicijnWijs works according to a structured and validated method of information processing.
MedicijnWijs works according to a style book with only validated data sources and has a completely transparent way of citing sources.
It is focused on B1 language use, the level that is well understood by 95% of the Dutch population.
The pharmaceutical guidance paths are only released by pharmacists.

Yes, MedicijnWijs is an independent organization.
We have no direct ties with, for example, the pharmaceutical industry or the government.
We sometimes receive relevant information from the industry, whereby Pharmi always weighs up whether this information is suitable for inclusion in the MedsWise environment.

We are developing additional visual guidance into new services; like the virtual assistant.
Contact us to learn whether you can use the virtual assistant yourself.