Achievements 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, the Pharmi team wants to take the opportunity to look back with you on a truly challenging and successful year.

- A year in which healthcare systems evolved as expected: more people who need support versus less care providers that can offer this care.

- A period in which the entire Pharmi team challenged the status quo and was in dialogue with all stakeholders to transform our system into the future of blended pharmaceutical care.

- A period in which we were supported by investors, customers, strategic partners, advisory board, domain specialists, expert organizations, universities, award committees and above all, patients: THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

- The year in which we successfully raised our software development team and built synergism with our pharmaceutical domain experts.

- 4 quarters of focusing on interoperability, leading to the first successful integrations in existing patient applications.

- 12 months of having the honor to develop MedicijnWijs content, that truly augments the human pharmaceutical team. For all drugs and an increasing number of indications ... to sustainably accelerate rational drug use.

- The year in which our digital human grew towards a rheumatoid arthritis expert, in 2023 being researched by larger groups of patients.

- A year where we continuously analyzed the data of our first large patient population and can draw the conclusion that 80% recommends MedicijnWijs to another patient ... and also that we should continue developing even more support services for our users.

Well, we are extremely proud as a team to serve the pharmaceutical care ecosystem of the future and again want to sincerely thank every single person and organization that has supported us in 2022.

We look forward to collaborating again in 2023 and for now, wish you all happy holidays and all the best in health and wealth in the upcoming year. 

Team Pharmi 

Photo kindly provided by: Monisha Selvakumar