Addictive painkiller oxycodone in the spotlight

Taking oxycodone for too long unnecessarily... it's still far too common.

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An excellent opportunity for the pharmacist who cares about care:
Give a good oral explanation at the first issue and then provide digital guidance every day for the first two weeks of use.

With MedicijnWijs BASE: by means of structured and dosed information in easy language, beautiful visualizations and empathetic interaction to make the user a little better acquainted with all aspects of heavy painkiller use.

And if it is allowed to phase out, there is a MedicijnWijs CARE path ready: with guideline-driven explanation and support and an individually adjustable phase-out schedule.
You can monitor your patient remotely, motivate and intervene where necessary.

For example, Pharmi facilitates "blended care": digital guidance where possible, so that more time remains for human care where it is necessary.
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