Collaboration: Health Base and Pharmi

Pharmi and Stichting Health Base work together based on a common goal: optimal pharmaceutical care for every patient. Correct and appropriate use of the prescribed medicines is essential.

Pharmi creates innovative digital solutions within the MedicijnWijs platform, which also makes use of Health Base's patient information.

The MedicijnWijs platform stimulates good understanding, interaction with the pharmacy team and rational use of medicines with various modules. It offers active digital guidance as well as a library to quickly look up reliable information and can be offered stand-alone or integrated.

The patient receives the most relevant information digitally in short, understandable messages (text and image) during the use of the medicine in question. Both for the first issue, as well as for long-term care and also in the situation in which the patient wants to taper off, for example.

Claudia Rijcken (founder Pharmi): “Our team translates traditional pharmaceutical care into sustainable models for the future. We believe in blended care: digital where possible, so that more time is left for human guidance by the pharmacy team. In times where the number of chronic drug users will grow and the number of healthcare providers will come under further pressure, we develop and operate optimal solutions for pharmacy team and patient in order to continue to guarantee good care”.

A condition for optimal use of medicines is that all available patient information is reliable, understandable and unambiguous.

That is why Pharmi and the Health Base Foundation are working together.

Health Base has been the expert in the field of treatment advice and customized patient information for 30 years and provides comprehensible information about medicines for MedicijnWijs.

Health Base already supplies written information about medicines to practically all pharmacies in the Netherlands, including the Medicines Information for the Patient (GIP) and Information Instruction (VI).

Eric Hiddink (Innovation Manager Health Base): “We think it is important that patients can always rely on reliable and understandable information. That is why we work together with organizations that offer an innovative solution to inform patients in the right way. Unambiguous information throughout the entire chain is important, so that the patient can find the same information in all different places. MedicijnWijs is such a promising solution that can contribute to the further optimization of pharmaceutical care for patients through a new concept.”
MedicijnWijs can be consulted 24/7 and this means that the patient always has the pharmacist at hand for the right choices regarding the treatment."

The collaboration between Pharmi and Health Base brings optimal pharmaceutical care closer to every patient.