Congratulations Sabeth!

After working with Pharmi for nearly a year, Sabeth Diks' study came to an end this week.

From her Industrial Design study at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Sabeth was able to do two beautiful projects at Pharmi and completed her graduation project with an 8.

She has conducted research into patient wishes for the digital human Pharmi, specifically in the field of empathy.

She has created several prototypes and discussed them with patients with a form of rheumatism, in close collaboration with Sint Maartenskliniek, Victor Huiskes and Bart Van Den Bemt.

Together with Pharmi and Deloitte Digital, she implemented a Practical Support Module and a Small Talk Module, each with matching emotions.

These will be examined further in the next version of our Digital Human in the coming year at the Sint Maartenskliniek.

Sabeth: "I think it is very special that I have had the opportunity to work through Pharmi with such a beautiful and challenging new development as a digital pharmacist.

I also enjoyed working with all the nice colleagues, who were always up for a cup of coffee or a good conversation. Thank you Pharmi for the fun and educational time!"

And a special thanks to Paul Koenen for taking this innovation a step further. More news coming soon!