The cooperative 'Slimmer Leven' congratulates Pharmi

On Thursday February 25th, the Brainport Eindhoven Preliminary Round of the National Healthcare Innovation Prize 2021 took place digitally.

Pharmi has been selected for the National Healthcare Innovation Award 2021 on behalf of our region.

SmartClips from Embedded Fitness received the wildcard.

Congratulations on behalf of 'Slimmer Leven'! To Claudia Rijcken and Carla Scholten.

'Slimmer Leven' is one of the partners of Stichting ZorgInnovatie Nederland and, in collaboration with Máxima MC, organized the digital preliminary round for Southeast Brabant during the Slimme Zorg Relay South region.

Thanks to the jury: Marcel de Pender, Marielle Sleumer, John-Paul van Heel, William Van Dijk and to Jasen Hashem and Pieter Tegelaers for an inspiring keynote.

To watch the full live stream of the preliminary round, click here.

More information, click here.