🀜 Health Care budget Pharmacy 2025: Pharmi as hybrid care implementation partner πŸ€›

In a world where the digital revolution is radically changing the healthcare sector, Pharmi has been ambitiously committed to the transformation of traditional pharmaceutical care into advanced hybrid care for years.


πŸ‘‰ Crossing boundaries

We do this by pushing the boundaries of conventional pharmaceutical care and investing in digital pharmaceutical care innovation, with the aim of unburdening the pharmacy team and improving the quality of life of patients.

With a team of pharmaceutical hybrid care experts, we are determined to sustainably improve the future of pharmacy care every day.


πŸ‘‰ Quality Garantueed

Our development process for digital care pathways is strictly protocolled, whereby we not only guarantee quality and compliance, but also continuously strive for evidence for optimization through data analytics and scientific research.

We do this in close collaboration with many pharmacy software companies and other IT healthcare parties. And with and for all pharmacists who want to be leading in hybrid care.

Multidisciplinary and regional: smart digital healthcare registration stimulates collaboration between pharmacies and general practitioners and thus the effectiveness of care - including by sharing patient-reported outcomes.


πŸ‘‰ Focus on implementation

At Pharmi we understand that the future of pharmaceutical care is hybrid.

And that requires education and *thinking the other way around* from the entire pharmacy team.

All our digital care pathways are supplied with an implementation protocol for your pharmacy and with an “inspiration box” to teach the entire team how hybrid care works in the pharmacy (including e-learning, gamified training and clear instruction material).


πŸ‘‰ Ready for the future​​​​​​

An interesting offer is available to you to support you in implementing the 2025 purchasing policy of health insurers and delivering top hybrid care from every pharmacy.


Wanna konw more? Let us know at www.pharmi.info/contact.