Patients included

Pharmi continuously optimizes MedicijnWijs. We always ask our users how digital guidance is appreciated.

For example, we always ask the question: when are you, as a patient, satisfied with your digital medication guidance?

Here's a glimpse of some of the comments and our action on them:

“If I know the bare essentials”.

MedicijnWijs provides the most relevant information in doses during the first three days in order to use the medicine optimally.
Is the patient looking for more information? Then he or she has the option to continue to receive committed guidance for another 11 days or to choose to search for all information in the library, at a time that suits you.

“If it helps to prevent my inflammation and pain”.

MedicijnWijs provides solutions to support the best treatment outcome.
It does this by providing information, but the medicine alarm clock in MedicijnWijs, for example, has recently been further optimised. A patient can now set a reminder signal for several substances in a smart way. Smart, so that pain does not have time to break through when a painkiller is taken too late.

“If my 80-year-old grandmother can also use MedicijnWijs”

MedicijnWijs is fun and easy to use, as a stand-alone application or integrated into an application that the patient already uses for care guidance.
And for everyone who cannot swipe, type or download, there will be the digital human pharmacist in the future. Where you can ask your question and receive a direct answer or a link to more information on the screen. Currently only for patients with rheumatism, in the future for everyone.

Thanks users for all the feedback!

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