Pharmacists: consider blended care

Blended care: panacea for tough times.

Our pharmacy teams at the frontline deserve a big fat golden award these days. Coughing and sneezing customers who think that the world will end tomorrow. And everyone should definitely have paracetamol at home for at least 9 months.

In addition to this hoarding fever, normal pharmacy life also continues. 

And every pharmacy team - as always - does its utmost to provide the best information with every first medicine prescription. This has been a challenge in recent years due to workload-pressure.

Too many different information materials, often not at the level of the patient. Often too little time for real good explanation how the adequate use. And more than 30% of patients without understanding of good use in the Netherlands. With all its negative consequences on patient outcomes. It gets even more painful, now part of your pharmacy team is staying home with flu symptoms.

Every crisis creates opportunities.

After all, some care can also be offered digitally. That is called blended care: digital where possible, human where necessary. Literally moving your pharmacy care into the patient's pocket.

Providing remote integrated, validated multi-media information when the patient needs it. Including interaction with the pharmacy, reporting of outcomes and adherence reminders.

That takes the pressure off your team. Makes the patient the master the drug. And creates insight into every first prescription.

Patient happy, your team relieved and with renewed platinum focus on care that really needs to be human.

Blended care: potential panacea for your pharmacy team!

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