Scientific research at Pharmi

Scientific research at Pharmi: "Demonstrate that Pharmi offers added value".

Proof of Concept in 2019/2020 showed that Pharmi is appreciated by both patients and pharmacists (an average of 8). The platform is now being extensively developed.

Scientific validation of added value is crucial, because further development is only desirable if blended care actually delivers better treatment results than standard pharmaceutical care.

Pharmi's research strategy is supported by a scientific advisory board and is based on the "Quadruple Aim" concept. A new intervention must optimize patient experiences, enhance the experiences of healthcare professionals, actually promote health and / or reduce costs.

Pharmi cooperates with research institutes such as Nivel and universities of eg Nijmegen, Utrecht, Groningen and Eindhoven.

Pharmi carries out studies (often within consortia). It also offers research internships for, for example, pharmacy at the Hogeschool Utrecht or Health Innovation at Radboud University. Data science, UX or Industrial Design students from TU Eindhoven are also welcome.

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