Students & interns at Pharmi during covid-19 times

As a new and innovative company, Pharmi prospers perfectly due to the aid of students. Sometimes challenging though during covid-19 times. Read the experiences below.


“The team is small, involved and has a warm ambiance, when giving attention for feedback. Pharmi mainly looks together for solutions when problems occur. Nevertheless, there is room for my own input which is appreciated. Kelly Dalusong student pharmacy.


“It is very interesting to watch and learn ‘behind the scenes’ during the development of the Digital Pharmacist. Having my internship at Pharmi was definitely the right decision!” Helen van Wijk, intern Medical Biology, Science Management & Innovation.


“I started just three weeks ago at Pharmi. Due to corona measurements, my work is online just like my onboarding. This took some time to settle, but Pharmi did great and supported me when necessary”.  Hananne Heil student pharmacy.


“The advantage of working online, is that I can organize my working time myself. This gives me more freedom and motivation.” Yasmine A. student farmakunde


“I didn’t see my colleagues in real life, but at the virtual drinks the ambiance was good and very nice. Such a dream team! Aja Al-Waely intern farmakunde

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