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Hybrid care:

Hybrid pharmaceutical care means that your patient can go physically to a pharmacy as well they can get online care services via a pharmacy app.

Why does that matter?


Get care without leaving the location: convenient when your patient is not feeling well or doesn't have time to travel.

Far away from pharmacy or not mobile: ideal that care is brougth to home.

No cueing at the pharmacy for care and information on meds.

Information 24/7 accessible.


Sometimes it is inappropriate to talk on topics with others surrounding one.

Digital care offers more privacy.

However, sometimes it is needed or more convenient to go to a pharmacist.

For example, for complex medication or the wish to personally have a dialogue with the pharmacist.

Combined care

The combination between online and physical care (so called hybrid care) is ideal.

Just choose what works best for your patient at every moment of the day.


Access to MedicijnWijs is always provided to you by a pharmacy team.

This can be done, for example, by:

- receipt of a QR code, which you receive with your medicine

- receipt of a message in the pharmacy app you already use

If you do not yet have access to MedicijnWijs, ask your pharmacy whether and how you can arrange this.

We develop the content of our digital care together with medication users.

We aim to be available for all literacy levels.

MedicijnWijs has been tested for language level B1, which makes the guidance really easy to follow for 95% of the population.

In addition, Pharmi applies the principles of "Inclusive Design and Accessibility" in the development of our products.

Are you a medication user and would you like to think along with us about how we can make our platform even better?

Please leave a message here and we will contact you soon.


"Nice, I understand much better

how to use my medication and

I can always contact my personal pharmacy."