Supports quality

Pharmi guides a patient digitally, asks questions and keeps you as a pharmacist in touch with your patient, so you can deliver care when required.
You also will have more knowledge available, when seeing the patient for the second time. 
This blended care approach improves quality of care and gives the patient more control over his or her medication management.

Realizes efficiency

Because Pharmi digitally merges existing medication information and answers frequently asked questions, less patients’ questions end up at the pharmacy. 
Consequently, the pharmacy team has more time for complex care provision, once real human intervention is essential. 
This applies to first time medication users as well to prolonged pharmaceutical care needs. 


Generates value

Optimization of information provision and self-control by the patient can lead to fewer problems with medication use. This has a positive effect on costs and efficacy in healthcare.
Pharmi conducts both clinical as well as economic research to show outcome improvement.
In addition, remote counseling can reduce workload in a pharmacy, an aspect that will become also part of our economic trial program.

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