Efficient and easy access to Pharmi for patient

Do you wish as a pharmacy team to accompany your first drug prescriptions or pharmaceutical care with Pharmi?

We make it easy to share Pharmi with patients.

How does it work? 

  1. The pharmacy team generates a personal QR code.
  2. With this QR code, the patient can install the Pharmi app. All digital medication information and coaching pathways are visible in the app.
  3. It allows also direct digital interaction between your pharmacy team and the patient.

We are working on links with existing pharmacy information and / or pharmacy systems.

We can also link our application to already existing apps.

License for public pharmacies and / or chains

We tailor Pharmi to your business environment, logos and specific pharmacy care processes.


Before starting Pharmi, one of our experienced project managers will guide the pharmacy team with implementation, explanation and training.

You can count on our support even after starting Pharmi.

We would also like to hear about your experiences and especially points for improvement, which we actively implement.

What is included? 

  1. License fee includes unlimited access to all medicines in our system.
  2. Moreover, the number of first prescription coaches to be provided and the number of patients are unlimited.
  3. We also continuously improve the Pharmi app and updates are included in the annual license.

In the future we will develop new personalized services for pharmacy team and patient.

We apply a volume discount for groups of pharmacies.
Ask for the possibilities via the button below.


License for pharmaceutical home care organizations

More and more (complex) pharmaceutical care is shifting to home care (traditionnally administered in hospital).

Think for example of rheumatic arthritis medication, growth hormones and oncology drugs.

This medication use often needs more extensive (digital) guidance.

Pharmi can support this group. Pharmi already has interactive information and counseling programs that last more than 2 years.
The Pharmi team is happy to make a tailor-made offer to help your patients as best as possible.
Ask for the possibilities via the button below.

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