Pharmi's research program focuses on demonstrating added value for 3 healthcare stakeholders:


The aim of this group of studies is to improve the ease of use and demonstrate that digital counseling leads to a better knowledge of adequate drug use and thus, also to better outcomes.

Furthermore we want to demonstrate that blended care can improve patient satisfaction (general and in specific populations).


Studies in this field have a twofold purpose: to demonstrate that blended care can further improve the quality of pharmaceutical care. Secondly, that this form of support leads to optimization of efficiency in the pharmacy.

Health insurer

The aim of this research direction is to demonstrate that a digital pharmacist can improve human care both clinically and pharmaco-economically.

The Pharmi team collaborates with various universities and research institutes, both nationally and internationally.

In the near future, we will publish more information on this website about the studies that are running with Pharmi.

Pharmi aims to support the Quadruple Aim:

Quadruple aim

for questions about research, please contact us:

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