We aim to proof that hybrid care is cost-effective, improves outcomes and ameliorates experiences.

Our research program focuses on demonstrating value for:


We analyse how to improve the ease of use and demonstrate that hybrid care leads to  better understanding of adequate drug use and thus, also to better outcomes.

We strive to demonstrate that hybrid care improves patient satisfaction.

Care Provider

We demonstrate that hybrid care can further improve the quality of pharmaceutical care.

We research that this care type leads to optimization of efficiency in your pharmacy.

Healthcare Insurer

We research that a digital pharmacist is value-based driven healthcare, with a clear economic benefit for all stakeholders and society.

Pharmi runs cost-effectiveness, social return-of-investment and budget impact studies to proof this value of MedsWise.


The Pharmi team collaborates with various universities and research institutes, both nationally and internationally.

Get a glance from our reports and research:

  • Feasibility of a digital human in daily pharmaceutical care Lex Haegens. 2023 – ongoing. PhD Thesis sub-research, Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Feasibility of a hybrid care model for tapering of oxycodone Emily Yau. 2023 – ongoing. Master Thesis, Pharmacy, University of Utrecht in collaboration with VAL pharmacies and research instititute SIR Stevenshof.
  • Budget Impact Analysis First Prescription Care – Hidde Nab. Januari 2023. Report in collaboration with ASC Academics.
  • The Effect of Smartphone-Enabled Patient Education on Adherence to Azathioprine Therapy in Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Interim Analysis of a Multicenter StudyKailee Stabel. January 2023. Master Thesis, Pharmacy, University of Utrecht in collaboration with MUMC and Zuyderland hospitals.
  • Patient expectations when interacting with a digital pharmacist S. Dik. Juni 2022. Master Thesis, Industrial Design. Collaboration between Sint Maartenskliniek & University Eindhoven.. 
  • Digitale communication on experiences with medication: needs of patients and pharmacists. Maric et al. Mei 2021. Report in collaboration with Nivel and UMCG. Presentation at PRISMA Symposium 2021.
  • Patiënten panel research: Needs in medicine information and digital medication support. April 2021. Report in collaboration with Institute for Rational Drug Use (IVM).
  • Literacy level Pharmi Platform. Juli 2020. Report in collaboration with Pharos Institute.

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Quadruple aim

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